Empower Your Customers To Help Themselves  

AI driven Customer Self-Service Portal for a Better Customer Experince  

  • Reliable and dedicated self-service portal where your customers can turn
  • AI driven central knowledge base for fast and immediate answers 
  • Save cost and increase your relationship with your customers
  • User friendly and multilingual portal
  • Quick and seamless implementation

Selected companies 

Universitat Zurich

Provide Highly Personalised, Interactive Service & Increase Customer Loyalty 

Provide an multichannel solution where knowledge can be accessed & used both by your customers and your employees

Your customers will be able to receive answers easily to their questions with our AI driven software behind, complete transactions, submit support issues and query your knowledge base. 

With an open line of communication, and a range of self-service options, you'll boost customer satisfaction as well as long-term retention.  

At zehnplus we have a over 15 years of exertise with online customer service systems, professional FAQ software and development of customer-specific systems. 

Customer Self-Service Platform Features what makes our platform unique 

AI driven Software

Based on popularity, organic and metric parameters. User actions are configured to affect the ranking of the answers.  

Knowledge Base

Multichannel solution, knowledge base can be accesed both by Customers or Agents.  

Architecture & Multilinguality

Flexible multidimensional categorization of content. 100% support for multiple languages.

NPS Analytic Report

Integration with analytics tools (Webtrends, Google Analytics and many others). Management of user feedback, FAQ performance reports for quality assurance.

Open Source & Cloud Based

No vendor lock-in, no license costs. Cloud based hosting for convenient operation.

Seamless Integration 

The entire application can be adapted to an existing CI/CD. Display dynamic FAQ lists in other areas of your site.

"From now on, Sunrise is happy to provide its customers with a new powerful customer support tool and is convinced that it will be able to satisfy customers' needs even better. The pleasant and highly efficient teamwork with zehnplus during the project phase, as well as the professional implementation, have contributed to the success of this project."

Philipp Trenka - Sunrise Communications AG

Our Customer Self-Service platform developed by zehnplus. Pioneering digital IT solutions since 2008, our team is constantly growing with innovative members bringing purposeful disruption to enable our customers to grow, become more efficient and serve their customers more effectively.  

Some of our competences:  

  •   Delivering digital business transformation project management and consultancy.  
  •   In-depth experience of digital technologies for e-care, self-care and knowledge management.  
  •   Successful integration into existing systems and environments of customers of all sizes.  
  •   Professional content management process integration for internal and customer facing environments.  
  •   Flexible and fast support that is dedicated to customer service, we go the extra mile. 
  •   We pride ourselves on providing our clients with no hidden costs and no vendor lock-in.

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