Instant Real-Time Bridge with your Employees.  

Custom Digital Communication Platform

  • Ideal for all staff, especially those in the field or remote  
  • Connect and collaborate with every single employee to exchange live updates, KPI's or supportive contents i.e instructions  
  • Dynamic and secured one-to-all, one-to-one, or group chats for enhanced workflow  
  • Content rich, share and save files, images and videos  
  • News Feeds to share ideas, to inspire and motivate each-other  
  • Your unique branded corporate design communication platform  

Selected Customers

Universitat Zurich

Reach Every Employee Easily

  • Ideal for all staff, especially those in the field or remote.  
  • Engage your Team with a custom digital communication platform and make collaboration and networking a breeze.

Communicate in Real-Time

  • Communicate one-to-one, one-to-all or have a group chat.  
  • Ensure enhanced workflow with dynamic and secured messaging with rich content.  

Newsfeed to Distribute News & Information 

  • Share ideas, inspire and motivate each-other with News Feeds.  
  • Celebrate achievements

100% Secured Messaging

  • Secure exchange of rich contents. Save documents you need.
  • 100% Secured Communication Platform.  

 Platform Features 

Secured Messaging

Secured messaging

Communicate 1 - all, 1 - 1 or have a group chat. Securely exchange rich content and save documents.  

API Integration

API Integration

Easy and protected streamline of data sync for quick interaction with other existing applications.

Branded Communication

Branded Communication

Fully company branded and trusted platform from the App Store or Google Play directly to customers or employees.

Reports & Analysis

Reports & Analysis

Platform integrated with analytic tools, like Webtrends, Google Analytics and many others performance reports for quality assurance.

CMS Back-End System

CMS Back-End System 

Dynamic, easy to use, bilingual back-end system. Multiple authors can edit content and changes are visible in real-time.

Available on IOS and Android

Available on IOS and Android

Easily install the app directly form the App Store and Google Play.  

"zehnplus enabled us to move away from the norm by providing exceptional support and a unique, professional experience for both our customers and our company."

David Barker, CSN

David Barker

Digital communication platform developed by zehnplus. Pioneering digital IT solutions since 2008, our team is constantly growing with innovative members bringing purposeful disruption to enable our customers to grow, become more efficient and serve their customers more effectively.  

Some of our competences:  

  • Delivering digital business transformation project management and consultancy.
  • In-depth experience of digital technologies for e-care, self-care and knowledge management.
  • Successful integration into existing systems and environments of customers of all sizes.
  • Professional content management process integration for internal and customer facing environments.
  • Flexible and fast support that is dedicated to customer service we go the extra mile.
  • We pride ourselves on providing our clients with no hidden costs and no vendor lock-in.

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