Wisdom. AI driven data management & automation platform that shares knowledge across all channels  

Wisdom zehnplus


  • Knowledge Based Platform with 8 flexible products to plug-in simply  
  •  AI driven data retrival for fast and accurate answers
  • Business processes enhanced by intelligent automation  
  • Data management to analyze, combine, connect and share data from different sources
  • Access your knowledge wherever you need it 
  • Reduce costs and standardise processes  

What is Wisdom?  

Wisdom is a Platform that collects data, information and knowledge from your organisation and shares it across channels where it's needed by using AI and process automation technologies.

The Platform is based on a flexible plug-in system. You choose which intelligently automated module (ie. sales support, help center, FAQ, chatbot, digital dashboard, communication apps etc.) or combination of modules your organisation needs, or simply select one of our popular bundles. 

Drive value from your organisational knowledge to enhance revenue, reduce cost, and foster innovation.


  Find your perfect Wisdom Solution  

Becoming a knowledge-sharing organisation is easier than you think. Choose which intelligently automated module you need or you can select one of our popular bundles.  

  Wisdom Platform knowledge with insight

Branded Communication

Consolidate your data

Data consolidation helps to have a single source of information.

Capture & Build Knowledge

Analyze, combine, connect and share data from different sources.

Provide High Quality

Standardized and automated processes help to provide high service.

Multi-channel solution

Knowledge base can be accessed and used both by Customers or Agents.  

Available 24/07

Real-time knowledge accessible 24/7 from any device.

Seamless Integration 

The entire application can be adapted to an existing CI/CD. 

Selected companies trusting Wisdom

Universitat Zurich


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